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Your business deserves the best in performance optimization. Collaboration Systems Group deploys the best in WAN optimization utilizing Riverbed SteelHeads. When it comes to WAN optimization, there is no better product on the market to ensure your applications run optimally and your business operations don’t lose traction in a virtual, work-from-home environment.

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How Riverbed Steelhead Technology Works:

Riverbed Steelheads, whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based, optimize your WAN function for more efficient data transfer and application use. This is accomplished by:

  1. Freeing up existing bandwidth utilizing data compression, adding 'lanes' to your highway.
  2. Bringing your network locations seemingly closer via acceleration, increasing the 'speed limit' on your data highway to add not only lanes, but speed, to your data and applications.
  3. Delivering an in-office feel to remote work, making the slow down in data transfer and application speed nearly imperceptible to the user.

Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization

Riverbed SteelHead Technology for WAN Optimization

Imagine your postman going back and forth between the post office and your home, delivering each piece of mail separately. It’s an absurd prospect, and yet, that is how your network functions without SteelHead WAN optimization. Through a combination of packet compression, scalable data referencing, and transaction prediction, Riverbed SteelHeads bundle your data and deliver it seamlessly to the destination without having to make ‘return trips’ to the data source, saving your network time.

The Tools of Riverbed SteelHead WAN optimization

Steelheads utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver high performance speed to all your data and applications, including:

Packet Compression

By “stuffing” more data into a single packet utilizing compression software, more data can move, using less bandwidth, with fewer round trip deliveries.

Scalable Data Referencing

SteelHeads utilize deduplication, replacing nearly 90% of the data with pointers that are recreated locally. Our acceleration technology works within your applications (Layer 7 optimization) to maximize the deduplication process and minimize the amount of data traversing your network.

Transaction Prediction

Transaction prediction adds efficiency to the chatter between servers, enabling packet transfer without the back and forth communication between servers that slows application speeds.

Layer 7 Optimization

Layer 7 is the portion of your network system that supports end-user applications. With layer 7 optimization, SteelHead technology works to perfect and synchronize communication between users within the application layer, accelerating app performance and improving user experience. While our competitors simply copy files and move them from the server to your workstation, our SteelHead technology optimizes from within the file itself, allowing for more efficient management of your data for faster performance.

Don’t let slow applications and operations bring down your productivity. Get the results you need from Collaboration Systems Group. Contact us today to try Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization technology risk free for 30 days, and get the performance you need.

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