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Keeping business critical operations affordably running in a cloud-based environment requires management of your lines and traffic to ensure your applications work when you need them to. Silverpeak SD-WAN service prioritizes traffic and applications over your network for maximum performance and enables companies to replace expensive private internet lines with much more affordable commercial internet lines. Collaboration Systems Group partners with Silverpeak to accelerate your business performance through SD-WAN and other technological solutions that work in tandem to optimize operations.

How SD-WAN Works

The evolution of SD-WAN (software-defined Wide Area Network) has enabled companies to replace expensive private internet lines with much more affordable commercial internet lines. In addition, SD-WAN allows you to build your WAN in the cloud, then send hardware out to your remote sites, where it is plugged in and then “calls home” for its’ configuration.

SD-WAN allows administrators to create business overlays to support business critical applications, meaning it allows us to prioritize traffic to specific lines, and gives us the ability to create automated processes to ensure that business critical applications continue to run in the event of line outage.

Businesses need an affordable and simple way to prioritize critical business applications without relying on expensive private lines. SD-WAN provides the smart management necessary to keep costs down and ensure critical applications work when needed. Application overlays allow prioritization of critical business applications to ensure high performance of necessary functions. By opening up bandwidth through a reduction in network traffic, and prioritizing application functions, your performance is more easily managed and controlled, freeing up time, money, and energy for business efficiency.

Ensure your network is optimized for critical business applications. Contact Collaboration Systems Group today for a 30 day, risk free trial and see how Silverpeak SD-WAN products maximize your performance.

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