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Workflow Acceleration with Intelligent Management

Your business critical applications need to maintain function and performance at all times. Unfortunately, overloaded lines and inefficient movement of data through your network bog down performance and sometimes even disable critical functions. Collaboration Systems Group offers SD-WAN technology to effectively manage critical applications. By creating business overlays that utilize several active internet lines at once, SD-WAN ensures you always have the connections needed to function.

Efficient Connections with SD-WAN

With multiple applications bouncing through your network at any given moment, your system needs a way to prioritize applications and separate traffic to ensure business critical applications are always running. SD-WAN intelligently manages your traffic to minimize interruptions by:

Prioritizing Critical Applications, Even in an Outage

  • Problem: You have an internet outage. Worse yet, your entire accounting department is down.

  • Solution: SD-WAN prioritizes your business-critical applications by layering the importance of the various programs running on your network. An outage signals your SD-WAN solution to change paths used by these critical applications to ensure they continue to operate.

Providing Cost Savings

  • Problem: Private lines are expensive and, without the aid of SD-WAN, backup lines sit in "passive" mode.

  • Solution: SD-WAN allows for removal of private lines and implementation of public internet lines, keeping all lines "active" and available during outages or heavy usage periods and transferring applications to a different line automatically when needed.

Virtual meeting

With work from home becoming part of the modern business experience, you can’t afford poor application performance. Getting the workflow acceleration you need keeps your business operations on track, providing you with the necessary tools to manage applications with ease. With SD-WAN solutions from Collaboration Systems Group, you can handle network traffic and prioritize what’s important to your business.

Stay on top of critical applications and ensure your business keeps a competitive edge with SD-WAN from Collaboration Systems Group. Contact us today for a risk free, 30 day proof of concept.

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