Remote Network Optimization

Remote network optimization

From Remote Offices to Work From Anywhere to Cloud Data Centers, Network Latency Limits Productivity

The world of work is changing. Remote offices are being replaced by a work from anywhere workforce. On-premises data centers are being moved to the Cloud. Applications are being hosted by manufacturers, and accessed from there. With acceleration solutions from Collaboration Systems Group, you and your company will enjoy the benefits of the changing work environment without losing performance and productivity.

Flexibility You Need with Remote Network Optimization

Getting your network updated for remote work is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Optimized remote networks gives employees the flexibility they want, while empowering employers to recruit the best talent by extending this flexibility to their company without compromising productivity.
Collaboration Systems Group delivers customizable solutions for their business and network demands. Our services address multiple network and application issues, including:

  • Office to office connections: Utilizing Riverbed Steelhead technology, we optimize your existing connections to give your remote office users the speed they need.

  • Office to remote work connections: Our easily deployable client accelerator software optimizes every remote user connection back to the data center, accelerating data and applications over the WAN for an in-office user experience from anywhere in the world.

  • Quick Deployment: Our easily deployed software and hardware is ready to go in minutes, and requires minimal network disruption to install. Optimization begins immediately after deployment.

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Operating at the Speed of Business

Collaboration Systems Group ensures your end-to-end experience with your work-based applications is on par with in-office application performance. We put your data and applications in the fast lane, ensuring your business is situated for remote network optimization. No more slowdowns, delayed files, or freezing applications. Just high performance, every time.

The Difference CSG Makes in Remote Network Optimization

"CSG has worked hard with us and for us. They promised a viable solution and they provided! One of the many factors in consideration for a solution was their ability to back-up their words. The Proof of Concept and discussions with “The Team” allowed trust to be built."

- Childers Architect

Read the full Childers Architect Case Study .

Trust the experts at Collaboration Systems Group with your remote network optimization. Contact us today for a 30 day, risk free proof of concept, and see why everyone is turning to our acceleration services to get their businesses on track for peak performance.

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