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With the ever-growing complexity of cloud-based applications and hybrid work environments, your business needs best in class technology to optimize your critical applications. Riverbed offers a variety of tools, from its flagship SteelHead WAN acceleration product line, to the new Unified Observability suite for remote network visibility. These revolutionary tools make application and data access feel like a local process and give contextual insight into your network. With Riverbed solutions, you can work from anywhere, unhampered by poorly performing applications.

Riverbed Client Accelerators

With work from anywhere business models growing in popularity, it is necessary for companies to address latency to maintain a competitive edge. Through Riverbed’s Steelhead technology, your data is optimized and delivered efficiently over your network, freeing up bandwidth and increasing application performance to resemble in-office performance. Riverbed’s client accelerators utilize packet compression, scalable data referencing, and transaction prediction to make more room on your information highway. Steelheads at each network location communicate predictively to minimize chatter and shorten the interval of data transfer, bringing communication and file downloads up to speed. Collaboration Systems Group is an authorized partner with Riverbed, and works with our clients to deliver expert service and technological support to optimize your Wide Area Network.

Riverbed SteelFusion

When your business houses multiple remote offices, it is important to maintain access to your important data when your wide area network is down. Riverbed SteelFusion utilizes localized storage, in addition to returning all data to the center of your business, giving each branch office access to critical data in the event of a network outage. Collaboration Systems Group keeps you connected to critical applications and data with Riverbed SteelFusion solutions.

Riverbed Alluvio

Keeping an eye on network performance over the WAN is a challenge for every IT specialist. Riverbed delivers Unified Observability for your platform, bringing insight into performance to quickly identify and correct issues. Alluvio works to coordinate all aspects of your network for optimal performance through:

  • Unified Data. Capture and unify full-fidelity telemetry across the entire IT ecosystem without sampling. This includes client devices, networks, servers, applications, cloud environments, and actual end user experiences.
  • Unified Insights. Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and proprietary data science techniques to deliver unified, context-rich, filtered, and prioritized insights that address the challenges of all I.T.
  • Unified Actions Automate the investive workflows of IT experts to provide probable cause and recommend actions.
  • Get your critical data and applications in the fast lane and give your business a competitive edge. Contact Collaboration Systems Group to try Riverbed solutions with a 30 day, risk free proof of concept.

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