Lower Cost SaaS Acceleration

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Delivering Lower Cost SaaS Acceleration for Small Business

In the past, Microsoft Office 365 acceleration was only accessible to large companies who could afford high-user licensing fees. Collaboration Systems Group now offers partial license rentals to allow you to adapt your subscription size to fit your business perfectly. For just a few dollars a month, you can get every user on your network the speed they need to run Office 365, without costly IT interference. This lower cost SaaS acceleration is a game-changer for small businesses, allowing you to work at the speed you need without the burden of huge licensing fees.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Acceleration

Slow applications affect business performance, frustrating workers and cutting into productivity. With low-cost SaaS acceleration, companies enjoy the speed of in-office work without giving up the ability to work remotely. This on-the-go performance boosts company efficiency and profits and gives workers and businesses alike the flexibility they need to accomplish their work. Benefits of acceleration include:

  • Consistent performance anywhere, no matter the distance

  • End-to-end acceleration

  • Performance tracking for quick corrective actions to keep applications up to standard

  • Increased worker productivity and flexibility

  • Decreased demand on IT professionals

  • Low cost application performance for smaller businesses

  • And more

Lower Cost SaaS Acceleration Transforms Businesses

Childers Architect instituted CSG's acceleration solutions during the covid-19 shutdown with transformative results.

"Many smaller businesses were priced out of [SaaS accelerators] due to minimum license requirements that only larger corporations could afford. Now, smaller companies can get the benefit of Riverbed’s SaaS Acceleration through a unique licensing arrangement with CSG, [which provides] licenses on a scale and a price point that makes financial sense for smaller customers. This monthly rental service is only available from CSG. By working directly with CSG, medium and smaller sized businesses can now enjoy the benefits of a SaaS Accelerator."

-Childers Architect

Read the entire Childers Architect Case Study here.

SaaS acceleration

Collaboration Systems Group deploys all the software you need to get your business up to speed. Our SaaS acceleration services, along with our client accelerators, ensure your applications work with the same proficiency, no matter where you are. Now, with our exclusive licensing agreements, lower cost SaaS acceleration is available to all businesses at an affordable price.

Keep your applications agile and your workers up to speed with low cost Microsoft 365 SaaS acceleration from Collaboration Systems Group. Contact us today to test our concepts with a risk free, 30 day trial.

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