WAN Optimization For Hospitals


Hospitals are a site of critical operations, and it’s important that files and applications are working optimally at all times to keep up with the pace of action. With clinics and branches spread over wide areas, medical facilities need the infrastructure in place to ensure documents and applications are running optimally. Collaboration Systems Group solves your network latency issues and provides the network visibility you need to efficiently manage your system from one central point. With WAN optimization, hospitals and medical facilities can accelerate network speed and manage critical applications to avoid interruptive slowdowns.

Connecting Your Network at Any Distance

Collaboration Systems Group optimizes your network end-to-end to create an operational system that works for your business. Our solutions include:

  • SD-WAN: Prioritize critical business applications and reduce data traffic on your available lines for improved data transfer speed and application performance.
  • WAN Acceleration: Compress data over your wide area network for more bandwidth, and add acceleration to your 'data lanes' for fast-working data transfer and apps that resemble on-site speeds.
  • SaaS Acceleration: Reduce business interruptions caused by poorly performing apps with software as a service acceleration.
  • Zero Branch IT: Eliminate the need for branch IT by moving remote storage, server, backup, and network infrastructure into one device and location.
  • Remote Network Visibility: Bring unified observability to your data, insights, and network and application actions for improved performance and less IT input.

Stay on top of the pace of operations. Collaboration Systems Group’s WAN optimization for hospitals and medical facilities keeps applications and data moving so you can focus on the important work of patient care. Contact us today to start your 30 day, risk free proof of concept and see how CSG transforms your work experience.

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