Zero Branch IT

Providing adequate servers and storage at remote branches is a challenging and costly prospect for IT professionals. Zero branch IT provides all the benefits of local storage, without the requirement of servers and storage at the remote office. Zero Branch IT creates a bridge between the data center and the remote location, providing local access to centrally stored data. Utilizing partitions, branches can still operate Windows server software locally, as well as set up print queues, without having to purchase and place a physical server in the remote office.

With data and users scattered across your network, ensuring proper backup and network visibility is a daunting challenge for IT professionals. Collaboration Systems Group provides an all-in-one solution for managing your remote data access. Our zero branch IT solutions provide centralized storage, backup, and management for all your branch locations, ensuring you have the data and performance you need for success.

Benefits of Centralized IT for Your Remote Branch

Every business benefits with a high functioning, centralized IT platform. With Collaboration Systems Group, you get the remote branch IT management you need without having a physical presence, saving your business time and money. Benefits of zero branch IT include:

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    No servers at your branch location

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    No local storage

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    No backup

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    Centralized data storage that can be restored quickly over the cloud

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    Secure monitoring of network

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    And more

Zero Branch IT

Get the secure storage and backup you need, along with end-to-end performance management, with zero branch IT solutions from Collaboration Systems Group. Contact us today to try our solutions risk free for 30 days, with absolutely no up-front costs, and experience the difference centralized IT makes in your business operations.

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