WAN Acceleration for Construction

Keeping access to your files and critical apps while on the job site or working remotely is essential. With the increased load remote work places on your cloud based applications and heavy CAD files, it's important to optimize your wide area network to maintain productivity on the go. Collaboration Systems Group utilizes acceleration and unified observability of your remote networks to ensure your operations are unaffected by distance or cloud applications. With our network solutions, you have the speed you need for productivity and success.

Solve the Problems in Your Network

If you have dealt with latency issues on the job, or struggled to gain access to critical files, you will benefit from the solutions offered by Collaboration Systems Group. We deliver the speed you need for critical applications and file sharing, and solve problems related to:

  • Network latency issues related to your wide area network

  • Visibility problems that hinder your ability to monitor and manage applications and user experiences

  • Delayed file sharing and access due to network slowdowns and strained bandwidth

  • Inability to share resources in a timely manner

  • Inefficient amount of time for backup storage

  • And more

Through industry-leading technology, our WAN acceleration for construction keeps critical applications working at optimal levels no matter where your work station is located, ensuring continuity in your business operations. With application acceleration, you can easily share, store, and transfer files without delay. Unified observability solutions streamline monitoring application performance to ensure uninterrupted productivity. With CSG by your side, you will enjoy the ease of in-office workflow, from anywhere in the world.

Our Products

Our comprehensive approach optimizes your network with:

Don’t let your performance lag when you go remote and work over the cloud. Get the speed and access you need with solutions from Collaboration Systems Group. Contact us today to start a 30 day, risk free trial to see for yourself how WAN optimization for construction moves your business forward.

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