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Network latency causes productivity to suffer while you wait for applications and data. Don't work around network latency...RESOLVE it!

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WAN optimization has traditionally been deployed between corporate data centers and remote offices, and is still utilized today in the face of high latency connections. However, a rise in remote work over the last decade has created WAN slowdowns for many companies previously unaffected by network latency.
As companies move data, applications, and even entire data centers to the cloud, network latency continues to plague businesses. Collaboration Systems Group offers simple, affordable, and customizable solutions with cloud and WAN optimization, transforming the work-from-home experience to resemble the connectivity gained by sharing the same office. With WAN acceleration, you and your employees can work from anywhere without experiencing slowdowns, and stay on task without backup loss and delayed files.

The WAN Acceleration Solution

WAN Acceleration is your work from anywhere solution, bringing the office to you for seamless data transfer and file sharing. By analyzing your business needs and current setup, the experts at CSG pre-configure your system to function as if all users were down the hall. Our best-in-class solutions include:

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    Cutting data transfer times from minutes to seconds

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    Easy installation and application of pre-configured WAN acceleration software and hardware

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    In-office operating speed for all work-from-home applications

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    Layer 7 application acceleration, working within your applications to optimize speed and efficiency

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    Top compression and optimization technologies

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    Freeing up time for creative input within your company

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    Reducing data throughput for everything from business documents to email to 3D modeling

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    Mobility without costing productivity

As remote work becomes a mainstay of modern culture, it is important to position your business for success. Collaboration Systems Group ensures your productivity doesn’t suffer due to network latency, no matter where your work takes you, utilizing premiere WAN acceleration technology.

The Work From Home Competitive Advantage

Landform transformed working from home into a competitive advantage for their mid-sized civil engineering company utilizing WAN Optimization solutions.

"The entire team with Landform is very happy with CSG and the SteelHead solution. It’s like the 'secret sauce' to help us be successful, efficient and seamless. It was the right choice with the right cost at the right time!"


Read the full case study for Landform HERE.

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